AppearanceWhite crystalline
StandardEnterprise standard

Product Description

Tagatose is a natural sweetener present in only small amounts in fruits, cacao, and dairy products. It's a naturally occurring monosaccharide, and is very similar in texture to sucrose and is 92% as sweet, but with only 38% of the calories. Tagatose has a minimal effect on blood glucose and insulin levels. it is also approved as a tooth-friendly ingredient.

Tagatose is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FAO/WHO and has been since 2001.

Same taste, sweetness and usage as sucrose

Almost zero glycemic index(GI=3), low calorie(1.5kcal/g)

lower other foods'GI and caloric values

prebiotic that benefits intestinal health

Not cariogenic

Meet all consumers' requirements incluing conscious eaters

The specification of raw tagatose as follow:






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