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Goji berry extract (polysaccharide) Lycium barbarum L Joyfulchem-Product Center-Nanjing Joyfulchem Co., Ltd-
Goji berry extract (polysaccharide)
Name:Goji berry extract (polysaccharide)
AppearanceBrown powder
SpecificationPolysaccharides 30,40,50 test by UV-VIS

Product Description

Goji berry extract is prepared from Lycium barbarum L, common plants of eastern Asia. Goji berry extract also known as wolfberry extract is rich of polysaccharides, all kinds of vitamins and 19 kinds of amino acid, as well as 21 kinds of minerals. Goji berry extract powder has the functions of preventing & curing cancers, strengthening hematopoiesis, nourishing liver, lowering blood pressure and promoting cell activity. Goji berry extract powder has been widely used in pharmacy manufacturing and healthy food processing.

Product Name: Goji Berry Extract
Latin Name: Lycium barbarum L
Part Used: Fruit
Specification: Polysaccharides 30%,40%,50% test by UV-VIS
Function: Increase blood flow and blood vessel elasticity.
Anti-oxidant and anti-aging.
Good for heart, liver, kidney and other organs of human body.
Increase sexual ability.

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