Curdlan gum
Name:Curdlan gum
AppearanceOff white color
StandardJECFA 2010

Product Description




Curdlan is a high molecular weight polymer of glucose, b -1,3-glucan, produced by pure culture fermentation from a non-pathogenic and non-toxicogenic strain of bacterium Agrobacterium biobar 1 (identified as Alcaligenes faecalis var. myxogenes at the time of discovery) or Agrobacterium radiobactor. Curdlan consists of b -(1,3)-linked glucose residues and has the unusual property of forming an elastic gel upon heating its aqueous suspension.

C.A.S. number


Chemical formula


Structural formula



Not less than 80% (calculated as anhydrous glucose)


Odourless or almost odourless, white to nearly white powder


Firming agent, gelling agent, stabilizer, thickener

Gel strength: The gel strength of curdlan increases with the heating temperature increasing. Heat curdlan to 80℃and above ,it forms high thermal gel with irreversibility, continue heating to 130℃, the gel strength keeps rising. Gel strength increases with the rise of curdlan density.

⑴   Thermal stability: Curdlan gel has strong thermal stability. It also keep this property in food processing and high-temperature cooking in kitchen, for example, deep-fried, microwave and other heating conditions.

⑵   Freeze-resistance: The construction of curdlan does not change in frozen and thawed process, so it can be used in frozen food also.

⑶   Hydro-dissection: occurs when curdlan gel is directly used in processed foods . Hydro-dissection increases with the climb of temperature, while decreases when curdlan’s density increases.  It can be inhibited by adding available starch (corn starch, chemical starch without ageing).

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