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Dextroses Sphere uniform drug layering pellet pharmaceutical excipient Microcapsule Control release Nanjing Joyfulchem Co., Ltd-Product Center-Nanjing Joyfulchem Co., Ltd-
Dextrose Sphere
Name:Dextrose Sphere
AppearanceSphere, pellet
Control release

Product Description

Dextrose spheres, is a kind of multiparticulate drug delivery system,provide a reliable platform for drug loading. Its uniform drug layering pellets, made of Dextrose, for sustained or extended release dosage forms. 

With low friability, consistent sphericity, tight particle size control and high batch-to-batch uniformity.


 Mesh  Size (μm)
 12/14          1400~1700
 14/18  1000~1400
 16/18  1000~1180
 16/20  850~1180
 18/20  850~1000
 20/25  710~850
 25/30  600~710
 30/35  500~600
 46/60  250~355
 60/80  180~250














We can also produce other size as you requested

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