Luo han guo extract is next big Natural sweetener after Stevia

Luo han guo is next big Natural sweetener after Stevia.


Luo han guo fruit plant in Guangxi province, China. In the past, Chinese people drink the Luo han guo fruit tea, for curing cough. And the tea has good sweet taste.


From the year 2008, we start to promote Luo han guo extract as natural sweetener in the world.

In the year 2011, Luo han guo has been approved by US FDA, and got GRAS notice.

In the year 2013, our country has exported Luo han guo extract, Luo han guo instant juice powder, Luo han guo concentrate juice, and Luo han guo compound product, totally 243.48ton, the export value up to US dollar 46.61 million. In the year 2015, the export volume is up to 284.85 ton, and export value up to US dollar 56.40 million.


Now the main market of Luo han guo extract is in North America and Asia. Europe and South America are also starting to approve it. During Jan to May 2015, USA market has promote 187 kinds of food which contain Luo han guo extract, attaining a year on year growth of 140%.


Luo han guo extract and Stevia is good brother. Stevia has some bitter taste, when blending with Luo han guo extract, can cover the bitter taste of Stevia. The two combination have introduce a great taste synergistic effect.


1.      The major usage is in beverage

2.      The second use is table top sweetener.

In Sept, 2016, Starbucks has supply a new sweetener sachet in their store, the sachet including Stevia, Luo han guo extract, Erythritol, Inulin.


3.      The other application also been increased fast

Luo han guo extract now has been widely used in milk shake, solid beverage, dietary supplement, energy bar etc.

4.      It has also been introduced in cosmetic products. For example, Mary kay has promote a kind of skin care named Botanical EffectsTM, which containing silymarin and Luo han guo extract.

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