Stevia new regulation in US FDA, EU and other countries.

Here is new regulation between US FDA and EU for Stevia




Approved functional ingredient

Reb-A, Stevioside, Reb-D, Reb-C, Reb-M(Reb-x)

Reb-A, Stevioside

Application area

Any food, including bakery

Have limit, cannot used in bakery food

“Natural” expression

Can use “Natural” expression

Cannot use “Natural” expression, only can express as “Stevioside”


Can use Stevia related name and photo

Only can use “ Stevia

”Stevioside” ”Reb-A”

Organic Label

Can label as organic

Can not label as organic



1. Canada announced new regulation for Stevia in Aug 24th, 2016, that approved Stevia as sweetener used in food.

2. EU announced new regulation for Stevia in March, Apri 2016, that amended the dosage in Mustard, and approved Stevia used in some drinks.

    In Nov 3rd, EU remove 75% rule in new regulation.

3. Portugal will collect tax on sugar in the year 2017, this new tax will follow by France, Mexico, Hungary, UK, and South africa.

4. Enzyme modified Stevia can be used as food flavor, according to EU, FDA regulation.

5. Gravd View Research(GVR) date shows, till 2015, the world consumption of Stevia has reached to 337 million US dollars, and they predict, in year 2024, the number will rise to 557 million US dollars.

6. In 2016, the different application field ratio, soft drink 35%, food 25.5%, table top sweetener 22.2%, and other is 17.3%.

7. Asian-pacific region will be the biggest Stevia market, from 2016 to 2024, the CAGR growing rate will be 5.7% per year, China and India will be the most potential area.  Japan and Korea has highest popularity, they have positive effect on whole industry. US and Europe will have a CAGR growing rate 4.5% per year

8. At present, there are over 5000 kinds of food and beverage is using Stevia, the known application including soft drink, tea, Jelly, Jam, Ice cream, Yogurt, Diary product, Cake, Dessert, Candy, alcohol drink etc. And scientist is keeping enlarging the application range.

9. Now you can find “Stevia”, “Stevia extract”, “Stevia leaf extract”, “Rebaudioside A”, “Stevioside” on labels.

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