Gellan gum used in Culture Medium

    It can also be used as agar substitute of preparing biological medium, especially the high requirements of medium, such as temperature and microorganism culture medium, it is a good medium for plant tissue culture. It was found that the gellan gum replace agar in the plant tissue culture medium could get a better effect.

    In addition to the widely used in food, gellan gum can also be used in other fields. Such as in medicine, can be used as eye drops, soft and hard capsule, coating agent and so on; in chemical, it is available for coating, adhesive, toothpaste, etc.; in agriculture, it can be used as leaf fertilizer, slow-release fertilizer etc. Application of gellan gum in the other node is very broad, including human tissue material, photosensitive film, room freshener, wrapped heat sensitive materials (such as enzymes and cells, DNA electrophoresis and separation of reversible gel, etc.) as well as for film, film, fiber, personal care products, and so on, most of them can improve the quality of products in the industry, and the cost is reduced.

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