Gellan gum used in toothpaste

Other applications: as toothpaste gel composition for body cleaning liquid, hair gel, cosmetics; room deodorant gel, and the use amount is lower than the currently used carrageenan and locust bean gum, etc.; native gellan gum mixed with starch, can be used to paper industry.

In 1993, the gellan gum used for food and oral cleaning products was approved by the FDA. There are two kinds of gellan gum, the Kelcogel type and the Kelcogellt400 type. Kelcogel type, the hydroxyl content is low, the colloid is very hard. Kelcogllt400 type, the hydroxyl content is high, the colloidal is soft. Two different gellan gums, according to different proportions of collocation, can be made of different colloids.

     Gellan gum also has the following characteristics that the xanthan gum doesn’t has:

1 The amount of Gellan gum is lower than the xanthan gum, general dosage is 0.03% - 0.1%;

2 The toothpaste produced by Gellan gum has good performance in flavor releasing and can reduce the amount of flavor.

3 It can be produced at room temperature or below 45, no special heating.

4 In the production process, the paste is thin, the flow performance is good, the required mechanical stirring power is small, save energy.

5 The water retention property of Gellan gum is worse than that of xanthan gum. The toothpaste with higher water content and other colloid can be used to improve its deficiency.

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