Gellan gum used in biscuits

Oil is the main material for biscuit production. It can make cookies have a good level, adjust the flavor, and have good porosity. saturated fatty acids usually used for the production of biscuits, such as: hydrogenated lard, artificial butter, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, etc. This saturated fat is not so good if human take too much. We can use gellan Gum to reduce the amount of saturated fatty acids. Add 3% gellan gum and 0.2% citric acid to deionized water, dissolved, heating the liquid mixture to 90℃, and add the hot gellan gum solution to the cookie dough, can also modify the level of biscuit, make the cookies with good porosity.

As polysaccharide, it can also be used for further processing (for example, deep fried), of bread and other food products, can reduce the adsorption of oil and produce a low calorie products. The flavour of the food that wraps the polysaccharide is more able to meet the needs of consumers. And it can also be used as a stabilizer for ice cream, and its dosage is very low.

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