Licorice extract
Name:Licorice extract
AppearanceWhite, yellow or brown powder
StandardJECFA, FCC
SpecificationAmmonium glycyrrhizate,Glycyrrhizine R-21,Tripotassium glycyrrhizinate,Monopotassium Glycyrrhizinate
Package20kg/paper drum, 1Kg20 bags/paper drum

Product Description

Ammonium glycyrrhizate≥65%
Glycyrrhizine R-21 ≥13%
Tripotassium glycyrrhizinate ≥10%
Monopotassium  Glycyrrhizinate≥90%


This product is white or light yellow powder.It is odorless,having a special licorice flavor and have a special sweet taste.


foods, condiments

Product features

high sweetness, long-lasting sweetness, salt-enriching effect.

Main functions

Reconciling the taste,Replacing white sugar and other synthetic sweeteners in the food industry.

Recommended usage         

add on demand

Packing specification

20kg/paper drum, 1Kg*20 bags/paper drum

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