Oat Beta Glucan
Name:Oat Beta Glucan
AppearanceLight yellow to off white powder

Product Description

Oat Beta Glucan


Oat Beta Glucan is a form of soluble fibre which is concentrated from outer layer of the oat. It has the effect as lowering the cholesterol.


Whats function of soluble fibre?

Soluble fibre is not only beneficial for heart health it also helps slow down the absorption of sugars from the diet.

This means that it can help to control blood sugar levels, which are particularly important for diabetics.

Oat beta glucan is a soluble fibre, it dissolves inside the digestive tract where it forms a thick gel – a bit like wallpaper paste. This gel is able to bind to excess cholesterol and cholesterol like substances within the gut and help to prevent these from being absorbed into the body. The gel and the cholesterol is then excreted as part of the body’s waste.

How can Oat Beta Glucan lower the Cholesterol?

Preventing cholesterol in food from being absorbed
Preventing cholesterol like substances in bile from being reabsorbed.
Causing more cholesterol to be removed from the circulation

Our Oat Beta Glucan advantage:

Non-GMO and GRAS
Possible FDA & EFSA “Heart Healthy” Claim
100% Natural Product
Low Fat, Protein and Calorie
High Soluble Dietary Fiber
High purity, Molecular weight and Bio-activity
Excellence processability, Neutral taste, Non-hygroscopic
Thermostability, Preferred viscosity, solubility and flowability.

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