AppearanceWhite crystalline
StandardJECFA, FCC

Product Description

Trehalose is non-reducing and natural disaccharide, It consists two glucose molecules linked through α-1, 6 - glucosidic bonds. Trehalose is a safe and reliable natural sugars, known as“sugar of life in the scientific community

”.The sweet degree is 45% of granulated sugar so that it is sweetness. Trehalose is one of the important ingredients in moisturizing cosmetics that can keep cell activity. It has Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by FDA.

Properties & Functions

Safety and edible. Non-hygroscopic,not easy coloring, acid-stable, heat-proof.

New type of sweetener/Natural food protective agent/Multifunctional flavor modifying agent/Natural raw material of health food/ Natural moisturizing factor


A. Food Industry

a. Bakery Cake & Dessert

Trehalose can adjust icing, sweetness and aroma, make the surface of cake more moisture, taste fluffy , soft and delicious. Effectively inhibit bad taste after long chewing, make cakes maintain soft for a long time even after freeze and thawing.

b. Sweets Products

Trehalose can adjust sweetness, reduce the dehydration in products, especially suitable for milk contained candy and fruit filling product. When used as coating on candy, it can form a stable non-hygroscopic layer, can

prevent the hydrolysis and color change, protect teeth.

c. Pudding & Ice-cream Products

Lower the frozen point of products, form new icing, adjust sweetness, provent the protein denaturation, enhance mouthful feeling, make the product with unique delicious flavor, can keep products‵s shape, prevent absorption of moisture.

d. Beverages Products

Using properties of low sweetness, protect teeth and low calory, trehalose can be used in functional drink, which is good to teeth, improve durability of energy drink, and relieve fatigue. When add into alcoholic beverages, it not only not harm to sensible organ, but also make drinks taste better.

e. Rice & Flour Products

Trehalose can inhibit starch aging, keep the original color, improve the frozen products freezing resistance and more chewiness.

f. Aquatic products & seafood

Trehalose can be used as seafood low temperature protective agent, keep water and freshness to improve the quality of the taste of seafood.

B. Cosmetics Industry

Trehalose can effectively protect the epidermis cell, effective against skin aging, gently moisturize skin, make the skin luster, bright, tender, smooth, naturally healthy and elasticity. Trehalose, as a new generation of super Natural moisturizing factor, will become a focus in the cosmetic industry.

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