Gellan gum used in the baked product coating or casting material

There are varieties coating or casting material of baking products, such as icing deposited in cookies or cake frosting; surface coating of multi layer cake, bread ring, small sweet round bread; decorative coating of the birthday cake’s flowers, leaves, edge and so on. We use agar, Arabic gum, Robinia pseudoacacia bean gum, tragacanth, guar bean gum, pectin, sodium alginate and xanthan gum for condensation and stability previous. If we use gellan gum with other stabilizers to replace, the amount of agar (dosage of 2%) will be reduced significantly, and molding, stability is better than other gel, and the use amount is only 0.05%-0.3%. For example, vanilla fruit cake, the use amount of gellan gum is 0.3%, and the amount of starch and sodium alginate are 3.0% and 1.2%, carrageenan and starch dosage was 0.4% and 1%, to obtain similar texture.

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