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Why choose Gellan gum?

Because gellan gum has many peculiar advantages, it has a wide range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields. At present,it has replaced agar, carrageenan gradually. In food industry, gellan Gum can be used in drinks, bread, dairy products, meat products, noodles, cakes, biscuits, butter, instant coffee, fish products, ice cream, and so on as hickener, stabilizer, coagulating agent, suspending agent or film-forming agent.It can also be used in the production of low solid content jam , jelly gelling agent, candy, sweets and pet canned. For example, if  gellan gum is applied to Chinese noodles, buckwheat noodles, or other flour products, it can enhance the noodles hardness, elasticity, viscosity, and improve the taste, inhibit the swelling in hot water, reduce crack and soup turbidity. When gellan gum is compounded with other stabilizing agents, the use effect is better. The application of gellan gum to ice cream has shape preserving effect; The application of gellan gum to pastry, such as cake, cheese cake has moisturizing, fresh and shape preserving effect. Also, according to the study confirmed that the drinks using  gellan gum as main agent of the suspension is not only suspended effect is very good, and it has strong acid resistance, it showed a good stability in the storage process. 

Representative application of Gellan Gum in food

Main food fields

Representative food product


Synthetic food
Water-based gel
Pie stuffing and pudding
Pet food
Sugar-coat and sugar-frost
Milk products

Beverage with jelly and fruit
Starch, jelly, stuffing, candy floss
Low heat jam, synthetic jam, bread stuffing

Synthetic fruits, Synthetic vegetables, Synthetic meat
Dessert gel, decorative jelly
Fast food dessert, tinned pudding, pre-cooked pudding, pie stuffing
Tinned meat segment, gel pet food
Sugar-coat for cakes, tinned sugar-frost
Ice-cream, jelly milk, yoghurt, frozen milk


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